Monday, July 10, 2006


How do you prepare yourself to participate in EUDANEX 2006?

The EUDANEX 2006 project manager, Michael Elmquist, wrote last month about the current status of the exercise, but how did the project group get so far, what are the details behind?

It is now two months (only!) till the exercise will take place and the planning has been going on for months already. You saw the picture of the EUDANEX 2006 team together with Michael’s blog. But they are not the only persons involved in the planning of the exercise. DEMA has several persons from the whole organisation actively working for the success of this exercise - ranging from key-persons at the rescue centres to the commander chiefs at the municipal levels to the catering personnel at the camps and so on.

Approximately 250 people will be gathered in Denmark and Sweden at the EUDANEX 2006. We know now that teams from five EU countries besides Denmark and Sweden will take active part in the conduct of the planned scenarios and observers from several EU countries will follow the incidents closely. The final details from the participating countries are known by now and we have tried our best to present the information at our home page (However, you are still welcome to add supporting details about your organisations…)

EUDANEX 2006 is a highly prioritised event for DEMA. The latest event was the Final International Planning Conference, where I met a few of you, who represented the preparedness organisations from the participating EU countries. That gave me an impression of the preparations taking place in your organisations too. Portugal unfortunately had to cancel their participation in the exercise due to the high risk of forest fires at the time of the exercise. And Germany had their own “exercise” in the form of the FIFA World Cup in Berlin. Congratulations with the successful arrangements and not least the bronze medal. Well done! We hope for the same success in conducting the EUDANEX 2006!

What else is going on here relating to the preparations for EUDANEX 2006 and what is going on in your organisations at this moment?

Last week our colleague, who is responsible for the incidents, informed us that the final details are now in place. That has been a major task to fulfil, but now we can add it to the list of completed activities. At a meeting in Sweden it was decided to alter the fourth incident, which was intended to include the (no longer active) nuclear power unit in Sweden called Barsebäck. Now due to technical reasons the fourth incident will comprise the effects of a “dirty bomb” exploded in a thinly populated area of Revinge instead of the location at Barsebäck. Personally, I would have liked to pay a visit at the old, much debated nuclear power unit, but, however, focus must be on the exercise and how we ensure the optimal conditions for EUDANEX 2006 - communication, cooperation and coordination will be a priority!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Current status of planning

Project Planning Team
(Left to right):
Michael Elmquist, Per Bach Jensen, Frank Avaldorff Jensen, Per Sloth Møller, Inge Lise Mortensen, Peter Hofman Bang, Karsten Birkbo, John Clausen, Henrik Frimor, Dorte J. Munch.

In brief::
√ National planning workshop – held 8-10 May.
√ International planning conference – held 22-24 May.
√ Invitation to observers and VIPs sent 9 June.
√ Revised budget approved by the EU Commission.
√ Web page updated regularly
- Exercise Instructions and detailed incident list being prepared.

About three months to go before the exercise EU DANEX 2006 is launched. In reality, however, less time is available since July is the month of holidays in Scandinavia, as is August in most other countries. But the planning of the exercise is well advanced and the Project Team has no doubt that everything will be ready on time.

The core of the Project Team consists of Henrik Frimor (project administration), John Clausen (preparation of the incidents), Per Bach Jensen (exercise instructions), Hans Kaj Henrik Bruhn (public relations), Per Sloth Møller (logistics), Frank Avaldorff Jensen and Karsten Birkbo (financial control), Peter Hofman-Bang (evaluation), and Inge Lise Mortensen (secretariat) under the leadership of the Project manager, Michael Elmquist.

The core team is assisted by many colleagues who contribute in different ways such as development of web site, arrangement of radio communications, planning of chemical and nuclear incidents, preparation of the play for the On Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) which will be established during the exercise.

Two weeks after the national planning workshop was held, international representatives arrived in Denmark. The final International Planning Conference included representatives of the EU Commission, UN OCHA Geneva, the participating countries Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, and Slovenia in addition to the host countries Denmark and Sweden. Germany was unable to participate due to ongoing involvement in the security arrangements for the World Cup, and Portugal indicated that they did not expect to be able to participate. A replacement for Portugal is now under consideration.

The foreign representatives were gathered at the Dragoon Guard barracs in Slagelse and subsequently visited the exercise areas in Korsør and Kastrup (Airport). They then traveled to Sweden, to the Swedish Rescue Services Agency’s training centre in Revinge where the last part of the exercise will take place.

The conference concluded with a discussion of the detailed participation by each country in each of the planned incidents.

In the meantime, the Planning Team is negotiating with Danish authorities concerning their participation, and have now reached agreement on the participation by the municipal rescue services, the military and the home guard.

A letter has been issued through the EU Commission formally inviting observers from all countries participating in the ”Mechanism”, i.e. the 25 EU members plus Bulgaria, Rumania, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway.

And while others are enjoying the summer, the project team is sweating over the detailed exercise instructions and the incident list. Once finalised, the instructions will be published here, so stay tuned…

Friday, June 09, 2006


Welcome to EU DANEX blogging

This is the site where the participants of the EU DANEX exercise in Denmark and Sweden in September 2006 can communicate and share experiences.

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